Catheter Equipment

Catheter Equipment With Innovation

The medical industry is continually reaching new heights with new inventions that provide improvement to patient health. In 1752, the first flexible catheter was created by Benjamin Franklin, who actually refused to take credit for this invention, in an effort to help his brother who was suffering from bladder stones. In the 1930’s, the Foley catheter was invented by Frederick Foley and was an improvement to the original catheter design. This was a step forward in innovation of catheter supplies in an attempt to improve health care of patients with urinary issues. The Foley catheter helps patients empty urine from their bladder, but has a design flaw that has been unchanged over the years. This was the case until the most recent invention of the Duette™ catheter by Poiesis Medical.

When it comes to supplying catheter equipment, with the latest design and innovation, Poiesis Medical has created the Duette™ catheter that is simply unmatched in the industry. Poiesis Medical scored in the top quintile at Med Assets 2012 Innovation Conference for its invention of the Duette™ dual balloon catheter, which was an incredible honour. This achievment was based on Med Asset Member representatives who evaluated new technology and products furthering clinical advancement and found that the Duette™ catheter has an ability to reduce supply chain costs, as well as, improve care delivery for patients.

Our patented technology has proven in clinical assessments to not only improve patient comfort, but also aid in the prevention of numerous catheter related infections by working in sync with the body’s own defense mechanisms. Unlike the traditional Foley catheter, which because of its inherent design flaws cause massive trauma to the urethra and the lining of the bladder wall, the Duette™ catheter is thought to be instrumental in protecting the bladders anti-infection membrane. The Foley caused trauma to the body’s own defense mechanisms is the the reason why  Poiesis Medical created the Duette™ dual balloon bladder protection catheter in order to completely overhaul the seventy-five year old design of the traditional Foley catheter.

Poiesis Medical has partnered with distributors to provide the Duette™ catheter to the public. You can learn more about how to contact these distributors by visiting our webpage and clicking on the “distributors” tab to see our current suppliers. The Duette™ catheter is the only catheter supplied by Poiesis Medical at this time, but we are hoping to bring some other extraordinary products to the market in the future that will also help improve patient health and cut down on hospital readmission rates. Creating the Duette™ was the first step in improving the innovation and design of the standard Foley catheter. The Duette™ is 100% silicone and is billed the same as 100% silicone catheters through Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurances making it easily obtainable for catheter users. So, please feel free to visit our site to learn more about this incredible catheter and to see how you can try it out for yourself!

To learn more about the Duette™ dual balloon urinary catheter please visit our website at While there be sure to view our video, The Duette Difference.  This video produced in cooperation with Professor Roger Feneley, MD. of  the Bristol Urological Institute, clearly illuminates the problems with the use of traditional Foley catheters as well as the benefits of the Duette solution.