Poiesis Medical’s Duette™ Urinary Catheter Scores In Top Quintile At MED Assets 2012 Technology and Innovation Forum

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Poiesis Medical’s Duette™, designed as the solution to the clinically confirmed adverse events of urinary catheterization, scored in the top quintile of all products and services presented at Med Assets Innovation Forum. Med Assets is one of the largest health care Group Purchasing Organizations in the United States with hospital and facility membership exceeding 4000. Over 200 products and services applied to the Med Assets Innovation Forum from which 70 were chosen to participate. Approximately 400 Med Asset provider client members conducted the evaluation on 4 criteria with members being asked a final question, whether their facility would be interested in purchasing the product or service. Med Assets in its notification letter to Poiesis regarding the Duette™ commented as follows:

“Thank you for participating in the 2012 Technology and Innovation Forum. During the Technology Forum, MedAssets clients evaluated new technologies, products and services based on the degree of technological or clinical advancement of the offering as well as the product or service’s ability to reduce supply chain costs and/or improve care delivery.

The event was held in conjunction with the MedAssets Business and Technology Forum, which promotes collaboration and information exchange among MedAssets group purchasing organization advisory committees as part of MedAssets client-led sourcing structure.

Results for your company are below and indicate the quintile your company placed in based upon your company’s overall average score as evaluated by all customer attendees for each question. The first quintile represents the highest scores and the fifth, or bottom quintile, represents the lowest overall average.

2012 Technology and Innovation Forum results summary for Poiesis Medical LLC: Duette™ Bladder Protection Catheter

a) Represents innovative technology, product or service
First Quintile

b) Will improve the quality of care provided to patients at my facility
First Quintile

c) Will improve efficiency at my facility
Second Quintile

d) Fulfills an industry need in healthcare
First Quintile

Our records indicate your company’s overall average was 4.49 out of a possible 5.0, placing Poiesis Medical LLC in the first quintile overall. In addition, attendees also indicated their facility would be interested in purchasing your product or service in the future should cost and other key requirements align.

Suppliers receiving a high score from MedAssets customers during the event will be considered for a potential contract award in the MedAssets contract portfolio….MedAssets will continue to utilize our client-led committee governance process to prioritize opportunities based on the feedback attendees provided about the innovative products and solutions displayed at the forum.

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