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Building on Innovation

The first modern catheter was created by the greatest innovator of the day–Benjamin Franklin. The same spirit of innovation drives the story of our company today.

A Fresh Look at a 80-Year-Old Problem

As far back as the 1980s, urologist Dr. Bruce Wiita knew there was something wrong with the current state of catheter design. In 40 years of clinical practice, including 4 years as a USAF flight surgeon, Dr. Wiita has seen numerous incidents of bladder trauma and cases of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) associated with catheterization by traditional, Foley type catheters. Clinical studies cited numerous potential problems with equally numerous solutions; these studies consistently noted the critical importance of the integrity of the bladder wall and its natural defense, the mucosal lining in the bladder which guards against bacterial attachment.

Yet despite the promising nature of the research on the importance of the integrity of the bladder’s natural defenses, businesses and medical practitioners alike have failed to introduce a solution. Dr. Wiita changed that in 2009 with the introduction of an innovative catheter design elegant in its simplicity–the Duette™. With its unique dual balloon configuration, the Duette™ was born. A properly designed Foley catheter should protect the mucosal lining and the integrity of the bladder wall from trauma. An intact bladder wall maintains the body’s natural host defenses. According to the CDC, CAUTI, a preventable condition, is the largest single source of hospital-acquired infections, costing U.S. hospitals over $3 billion annually.


Poiesis Medical LLC  was founded by Dr. Wiita and his son, Gregory Wiita, a pair of experienced entrepreneurs with a demonstrated ability to develop market-leading positions in the medical device field. Prior to founding Poiesis Medical LLC, the Wiitas operated the second largest Brachytherapy company in the United States. As veterans of the industry, they bring a wealth of experience and past success to a new and innovative company.

Now, Poiesis Medical LLC is focused on delivering advanced urinary products to provide better patient care. Our first product, the Duette™ provides a desperately needed alternative for patients requiring an indwelling catheter. With a highly experienced management team possessing strong knowledge of the medical industry and medical device innovation, Poiesis Medical LLC is poised to deliver innovative solutions to the US healthcare system.

Poiesis is a Latin word that translates to “creation,” “formation,” or “growth.” When Poiesis Medical LLC was founded in 2009, this word was chosen to embody our vision. By creating advanced medical devices that improve patient care through innovative design, we strive to create products that improve the delivery of healthcare, particularly where failures in standards of care are preventable.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our commitment to achieving Better Patient Care by Design® has first manifested in the creation of the Duette™: Yet our vision does not end there. Poiesis Medical LLC is already working on additional, innovative product designs that will address continuing problems in urological care.