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Seeing is believing. Feel free to view our collection of videos and photographs, and share our inspiration for improving urinary patient care.

Clinical Evidence – Healing Bladder Trauma with the Duette™

The following video is an update to our video, “Clinical Evidence – Reducing Bladder Trauma with the Duette™ . It compares bladder trauma after 60 days with a Duette™ to bladder trauma after 30 days with a Foley Catheter
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The Duette™ Difference

Poiesis Medical, with the assistance of Professor Roger Feneley of the BioMed Center at the Bristol Urological Institute, illuminates the problems and risk associated with the use of traditional Foley type catheters and the benefits of its advanced, dual balloon Duette™
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Inside the Bladder: Damage Caused by Foley Catheters

Clinical studies have indicated that the Foley catheter design can cause damage to the bladder. With these photographs, Poiesis Medical has been able to elucidate what that damage is and why it’s time for new solutions….
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Adding a small bit of humor here is a picture of the market leader’s mascot I believe they call him Fred Foley. Two important items to note 1) the tip on the top of his head 2) note how Fred Foley is holding his bladder area… even Fred feels the trauma taking place in his bladder. To reinforce what is taking place in the bladder of all catheterized patients this cartoon image articulates the story of the problem with the Foley extremely well. While it is a cartoon it is a true and accurate depiction of the legal liability the Foley creates.