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Introducing Poiesis Medical

The Duette™ Difference

With the aid of Professor Roger Feneley at the Bristol Urological Institute and clinical guidance by Dr. Michael Kennelly, Dr. Sara Lenherr, as well as many other advocates from around the world Poiesis can confirm the flaws of Foley catheters and demonstrate why the Duette™ is the best solution when an indwelling urinary catheter is medically necessary.

Our Story

Poiesis Medical LLC was founded to improve patient care and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. This led to the creation of the Duette™, an innovative dual-balloon urinary catheter.

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The Duette™ Difference

With the aid of Professor Roger Feneley from the BioMed Centre at the Bristol Urological Institute, Poiesis Medical elucidates the flaws of Foley catheters and demonstrates why the Duette™ is the solution.

This video provides a straightforward demonstration of what is taking place in the bladders of all catheterized patients… worldwide

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Pictures are radiology images of a single balloon Foley catheter inside of a patient’s bladder. Notice the bladder draping around the device, causing bladder wall damage and blocking the drainage eye.


Better Patient Care by Design®Our Products

This is the idea behind the Duette™. This advanced urinary drainage system is designed with patients and the integrity of their bladder in mind.

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Our Commitment Mission and Vision Statement

Our commitment to achieving Better Patient Care by Design® has first manifested in the creation of the Duette™: Yet our vision does not end there. Poiesis Medical LLC is already working on additional, innovative product designs that will address continuing problems in urological care. [ About Us ]

In the Journal of Urology

A new study in the Journal of Urology found Duette™ dual-balloon urinary catheters reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections by 80% compared to traditional Foley catheters.

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Clinical Studies

We’ve amassed a library of clinical research that establishes that the traditional Foley type catheter design is the problem, and why we believe the Duette™ is the solution.

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