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March 9th, 2016 – Duette™ Studies Demonstrate Reduction of “Foley Catheter Associated Adverse Events”, CAUTI

Patients and healthcare professionals using the Duette™ catheter have and continue to report reductions in the entire spectrum of “Foley catheter associated adverse events” including CAUTI.

Hospital Pilots:

In the last 18 months, Poiesis focused its efforts on validating Duette’s™ value proposition of better patient care, improved outcomes and reduced costs in the acute segment of the market. Pilot studies were undertaken at Tampa General Hospital (University of South Florida College of Medicine) and at St. Mary’s Medical Center (Tenet), both Level 1 Trauma Centers. Patient counts for the two studies exceeded 300 and were premised on and shared the following significant factors:

  • Both facilities were looking to reduce their CAUTI rates.
  • Both facilities maintained comprehensive dashboards of Foley related adverse events.
  • The Duette™ was used in place of their current Foley product, without any other changes to protocols or patient selection.
  • Tampa General conducted its study in the Neurosciences ICU. Saint Mary’s Medical Center’s study featured catheter placement in Trauma/ER with patients then entering one of three ICU units.
  • Poiesis Medical did not direct any elements of the pilot/trial, each facility self-directed all aspects.


  • Both facilities experienced an 80% reduction in symptomatic CAUTIs during their initial six month study periods. Comparable results have been sustained post study (15 months).
  • Other adverse Foley catheter related events were significantly reduced (including blockage, bladder spasms, hematuria and leakage).
  • No Duette™ product complications.

Both the St. Mary’s and Tampa General studies have been peer reviewed and approved for presentation. The lead physician for the St. Mary’s study is delivering a podium presentation of the results to the Southeast Surgical Congress Annual Scientific Meeting, February 20th – 23rd and the St. Mary’s Critical Care Nurse Management Team is presenting and exhibiting at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition May 16th – May 19th. Tampa General’s study results are is being presented by the Neurosciences ICU Nurse Management Team, at the 23rd National Evidence-Based Practice Conference hosted by the University of Iowa, April 28th – 29th and by Tampa’s Chief of Urology and Assistant Professor of Urology, University of South Florida College of Medicine, at the AUA Annual Meeting May 6th – May 10th.

The Duette™ is a transformative technology that provides a clinically demonstrated solution to the adverse events of Foley catheterization. With the vertical integration taking place in US Healthcare the Duette™ offers healthcare systems the opportunity to utilize a truly differentiated catheter across all care segments that will drive down cos through better patient care and improved outcomes.

About Poiesis Medical

Poiesis Medical LLC creates advanced urinary products that improve patient care. The company’s first product, the Duette urinary drainage system, addresses design issues with standard urinary catheters and the clinical complications associated with them. For more information about the company, visit

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